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1959 Buick Electra. This is a beautiful car. We have owned this car for about 8 years, but have not drove it much in the last couple years and time to make room for something else.

This car was repainted about 6 years ago. There was no patchpanels used. The body is nice and solid. All the stainless is original. We have added the spinner electra hubcaps. Fenderskirts are included. All the stainless is original. The trunk and floors look solid!

The interior is all original and in very good shape for it age. There is a some fading on the back of the rear seat. The stitching is letting loose on the drivers side corner. All the guages and radio work. Factory tissue dispensor.

It is equipped with a 401 buick nailhead. It runs great! There is a small exhaust leak ont he right manifold, but has been this way the whole time we have had it. The exhaust was replaced before we bought the car. We did go through the front brakes a couple years ago. The tranny shifts fine, but leaks a little fluid out the rear seal. The more we drove it the less it leaked. We usually have to add a quart after it sat over winter. The tires are a few years old and a couple of them have some minor weather checking.