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If you are looking for a not too common project car, here ya go! 1933 Plymouth 4 door sedan. The car has 4 suicide doors! This car was a streetrod in the making for many years and the previous owner pretty much found all the hard to find parts!
Title: Clear Title!
Engine: 318 V8 (motor mounts are not welded in yet) ran last year.
Front End: Mustang II
Rust: a little bit in the sub frame and lower cowl, but have all the patches to fix the rust.
Glass: All there and would be great patterns.
Interior: Seats and all the window trim is there. The original gauge cluster is in excellent shape. most of the window cranks and door handles are there.
Exterior:: Very nice grille (i didn't install it due to the risk of it getting damaged, rare truck that folds down into a box, ribbed roof  from a mini van, very straight hood, decent fenders, spare tire cover, A LOT TO WORK WITH!
Trim: Most of the trim is included, including the ship hood ornament,  grille emblem and headlight trim.